Operations and maintenance

All remote systems must be regularly inspected and maintained, to avoid failure at critical times and detect safety hazards that may creep up over time.

These tasks are often tedious, time-consuming and hazardous, but we have the training and equipment to get them done quickly and efficiently.

We can provide O & M services by:

  • Annual maintenance contract
  • Single visit
  • Emergency visit


  • Homeowners
  • Business owners
  • Renewable energy installers who wish to outsource these tasks
  • Oil and gas field sites
  • Remote communications sites
  • Remote weather / climate / water monitoring sites
  • Meteorological (MET) towers (we have trained tower climbers on staff)

Our typical full system maintenance visit includes:

  • Download and inspect data from all system loggers
  • Visual inspection of all wiring and equipment for physical damage (abrasion, wildlife, etc)
  • Check / re-torque all connections to manufacturers spec
  • Ground fault test (megger)
  • Inspect battery bank
  • Check / re-torque all battery connections
  • Remove any corrosion from battery terminals
  • Top up each battery cell with distilled water
  • Measure and record specific gravity of each battery cell
  • Document service with recommendations